Book Publishers

Marketing, publicity, and efficiency in all areas of operations is essential to the success of a book publisher. Whether you’re an independent publisher  We can provide customized solutions and campaigns for all sizes and types of presses.

Digital Marketing

We concentrate on sustainable social media and digital marketing strategies that involve consumer outreach, social networking, and data-informed advertising. Our practices are proven to help book publishers locate and connect with their target audience for their products online. 

Basic Package
Digital advertising
Social media best practices
Email marketing
Content marketing

Premium Package
Analytic training
Customized copywriting recommendations
Analytics-informed customized recommendations
Strategy development


Building buzz for your author’s book is one of the hardest yet most important things to do. By using a mix of both traditional media outreach and web-based review and advertising strategies, we create and deploy targeted campaigns to get your author’s book into the hands of readers and reviewers. 

Basic Package
Repurposing content
Brand recognition

Premium Package
Audience development
Customized content repurposing strategy
Customized publicity recommendations

Development and Operations

Drawing on a combined twelve years experience in the publishing industry, we use empirical data and industry best practices to ensure book publishers are operating as efficiently and profitably as possible. We believe in tangible results and suitable metrics to track performance. 

Basic Package
Sales funnel
Pricing theory
Branding theory overview

Premium Package
New analytics-informed customer sales journey
Pricing strategy recommendations
Operational efficiency recommendations